Terms & Conditions



Williams Field, Marshall Gardens, Hadlow, TN11 0HQ





1.  BOOKING POLICY:  Any person signing a booking form must be 18 years of age or over and the Hirer must be present at the function.

The Hirer shall not use the premises for any other purpose than as stated on the booking form and is not permitted to transfer the booking. Preference will be given to Hadlow-based organisations if two booking enquiries are received for the same date and time.



  1. At the time your booking is made, a non-returnable deposit of 50% of the fee is required to secure that booking; the balance to be paid at least 14 days prior to the event.  Hire deposits will only be returned if notice of cancellation is received via the duty mobile 07399 938059 or by email to info@hadlowvillagehall.org at least 14 days prior to the function. 
  1. In addition, all bookings are subject to a £100 returnable deposit to be paid at the time your booking is confirmed. [Any event where alcohol is involved the returnable deposit is £200.00.]
  1. This deposit is secured against theft, breakages, damage or additional cleaning or failure to vacate at agreed time. Written deposit cheques may be left in the safekeeping of the Parish Office and will be refunded/destroyed 7 days after the event provided the Hall is left in a condition satisfactory to the Management Committee.  Any breach of these conditions will result in forfeiture of the deposit.
  1. ‘Damage’ deposit payments made by bank transfer will be refunded as per para 3 conditions above.

[NB: Hall keys must be returned within 1 hour of the end of the hire period; please post them through the letterbox at 34C The Paddock, TN11 0HF]

Repeated regular users: Hire fees to be paid monthly in advance. No deposit required. An additional charge may be levied against breakages, damage or for additional cleaning.


3.  CANCELLATION OF A BOOKING: Hire deposits will only be returned if notice of cancellation is received at the Parish Office at least 14 days prior to the event.  

If the Hirer wishes to cancel the booking less than 14 days before the date of the event and the village hall is unable to obtain a replacement booking, the question of the payment or the repayment of the fee shall be at the discretion of the Village Hall Committee.

The Village Hall Committee reserves the right to cancel any booking by written notice to the Hirer in the event of the premises being required for use as a Polling Station for a Parliamentary or Local Government election or by-election; or an emergency requiring use of the premises as a shelter for the victims of flooding, snowstorm, fire, explosion or those at risk of these or similar disasters; or the building becoming unfit for the use intended by the Hirer.

In any such case the Hirer shall be entitled to a refund of any deposit already paid, but the Village Hall shall not be liable to the Hirer for any resulting direct or indirect loss or damages whatsoever.


4.  ALTERATIONS TO BOOKINGS: Any proposed change to a booking must be notified by telephone via the duty mobile 07399 938059 or by email to info@hadlowvillagehall.org at least 14 days prior to the event.


5.  HIRE FEES: The Management Committee reserves the right to change hire fees at one month’s notice.


6.  FACILITIES:  Dining tables (22 stored on stage or in bar area), 200 chairs (on stage and in hall), crockery, cutlery (100 sets in kitchen cupboards). NB:  Hirers must bring their own sharp knives.  Washing up materials etc are provided but Hirers must bring their own tea towels.  You will be instructed on the heating and hot water provision.  

If preparing/serving food on an occasional basis, the Hirer should take all necessary precautions to prevent food becoming contaminated.  The kitchen is provided with a refrigerator. There is a separate wash-hand basin in the kitchen with hot and cold water; soap and paper towels are provided.  A first aid kit is easily accessible in the kitchen area.


7.   DECORATING THE HALL:  Hanging wires are provided around the walls in the main hall for Hirers to secure any decorations; please bring your own ties for fixing.

NB:  On no account must UHU Blue or White tack, Sellotape or any other such ‘sticky’ materials be put on the brickwork.


8.  CLEANING THE HALL:  The premises must be left clean and tidy at the end of the event. There are brooms in the cleaning cupboard (located in entrance hall).  Any spills should be cleaned up immediately and all tables and chairs (stacks of 5) must be safely put away, crockery, kitchen equipment washed, dried and stored. Should you need to mop up any spills, or clean the floor there are colour-coded buckets and mops in the cleaning cupboard.

RED: - toilet and washroom;  GREEN:  food preparation area;  BLUE:  general areas (where there is a lower risk of cross contamination).  


Waste bins with lids (2) are provided in the kitchen and bar area; please empty at the end of the session and take rubbish bags with you.  The hirer is responsible for disposing of all rubbish off the premises; RUBBISH MUST NOT BE LEFT ON OR NEAR THE PREMISES. All outside catering equipment, etc must be cleared from the premises on the day of the hire unless special dispensation has been granted


9. RESPONSIBILITIES OF HIRERS:  All users of the Village Hall must have regard to the well-being of nearby residents. If windows and doors are opened, (e.g. in warm weather) adjustment must be made to noise levels (e.g. music). Always leave the premises causing as little disturbance as possible, especially at night (e.g. car doors, etc). All music must cease at 23:59. Hall keys must be returned within 1 hour of the end of the hire period (see para 2 above).  A Committee Member will be entitled to visit the Hall during the hire period.

Hirers are responsible for the behaviour of persons at their functions, both inside and outside the building.


10. The Management Committee cannot accept any responsibility for loss or damage to any property of the Hirer, or any other person connected with the function. Hirers should ensure that adequate insurance is obtained to cover against loss or damage, if appropriate. Hirers must make their own arrangements for insurance in respect of claims for injury or damage arising from the hire (e.g. if a bouncy castle/other play equipment is being used –check with supplier) and must ensure a responsible person oversees use of the equipment at all times.  The Management Committee’s insurance covers its own liabilities and NOT the liabilities of the Hirer.

[NB:  If you are considering having a bouncy castle at your event, please complete the indemnity form attached to these Rules and return with your booking form.]


11.  Any complaints should be made in writing (via the Parish Office) to the Chair/Administrator of the Management Committee within 48 hours of the function.


12. It is the responsibility of the Hirer to ensure that only authorised persons connected with the function have use of the Hall and the facilities provided (e.g. toilets, kitchen & bar areas).


13. The Management Committee reserves the right of entry to the Hall for any member of the Committee, the Parish Council or its Officers at any time.


14. No function shall terminate later than 22:30 hours on weekdays; 23:59 at weekends, unless agreed with the prior consent of the Village Hall Committee.


15. Occupation will be restricted to the numbers advised by the fire regulations (see booking form).


16. PREMISES LICENCE:  The Village Hall has a premises licence. However, it is not licensed for the sales of alcohol.  (see para 17 below).


17.  Temporary Event Notice (TEN) :  The Village Hall is not licensed for the sale of alcohol.

In order to hold a licensable activity on the premises (or on part of the premises) not covered by the Hall’s Premises Licence, a Temporary Event Notice (TEN) will need to be given to the licensing authority.  Please ask how to apply via the duty mobile 07399 938059 or by email to info@hadlowvillagehall.org.




19.  FIRE REGULATIONS require that when the Hall is in use ALL exits must remain clear at all times and that all escape routes are free of obstruction and can be safely used for instant free public exit.  The fire exit in the Stanley List room (opposite Gents toilets) and the exit in the Gents toilets should be unbolted whilst the hall is in use and re-bolted when they leave.  


20.  In the event of a fire, shout “FIRE, FIRE” and evacuate the premises by the appropriate fire exit doors (two to the rear side wall of the main hall, side door in Stanley List room opposite Gents toilets, door in the Gents toilets by the showers or by the front doors, whichever is safest). It is the Hirer’s responsibility to ensure that all people for whom they are responsible are accounted for. Assemble at far side of Car Park  (see Fire Assembly point notice in the foyer).

Dial 999 and ask for the Fire Service. Tell the operator location of fire as follows:

Hadlow Village Hall, Marshall Gardens, Hadlow, TN11 0HQ. Do not replace receiver until location has been repeated by Fire Service.

Alert Village Hall keyholders as follows: Phillip Jones (07936 391332) or Caroline Elcombe (07764 586732) or John Clark (07939 540473).


21.  If the fire is an electrical fire, there is an ‘electrical fire extinguisher’ behind the kitchen door. Use this only if it is safe to do so. A first aid kit is located by the kitchen wall, as is a fire blanket.  


22. The Hirer should ensure that any electrical equipment brought by them to the premises and used there shall be safe, in good working order, and used in a safe manner in accordance with the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989. Where a residual circuit breaker is provided the Hirer must make use of it in the interests of public safety.


23.  End of hire

The Hirer shall be responsible for leaving the premises and surrounding area in a clean and tidy condition, properly locked and secured unless directed otherwise and any contents temporarily removed from their usual positions must be replaced to their original position, otherwise the Village Hall Committee shall be at liberty to make an additional charge.


NB:  Always leave the premises causing as little disturbance as possible, especially at night.  Thank you for your co-operation,


Caroline Elcombe

Administrator, Hadlow Village Hall Management Committee

1 October 2016